'search' doesn't work

The search doesn't seam to work properly for me.

If I type in 'surf' or 'surfboard' I get some results, but if I type in 'fin' 'box' 'eps' which are all pretty well used words I get no results.

Does anyone have any ideas?


You can actually use google to search:



and then fill in the blanks accordingly, the last one wher eit says “domain” you enter swaylocks.com and googles your pal.







Thanks Dave that works great.

I went to “Help” (top right) after searching everywhere for a “Search” box on this site and found one there…but it doesn’t work at all. It shouldn’t be a big deal to add a search function to this site and it would cut down on unnecessary threads and posts. For example: I just tried searching for “cork” (with no quotes) and nothing came up yet I know there are threads on here showing cork deck pads. Is there a reason you don’t have a search function that actually works?


EDIT: Never mind. I can search this entire site by typing “swaylocks.com: keyword” into my address bar.