Searching for so cal alaia shapers

Aloha guys!

It’s been a long long while since posting here and I am back searching for anyone interested in doing a live alaia shaping demo at the Hawaiian Surf Club of San Onofre’s annual luau in San Clemente on May 28th. On average we have close to a thousand people come down to check out the vendors, live music and dancing, and grab a shaved ice! This year will be our 26th year doing this and we want to change things up and bring in something new, visually stimulating, and culturally educational! This still needs to be cleared with my other board members but I wanted to see if I could find interest before going through the trouble. We would have a 10x10 spot for you work in an easily viewable location for our guests and I would like to have the space next to it for you to advertise and sell any other boards/ goods you would like, we would advertise you and your business on our facebook page which we have just set up and will be posting a lot of content in the comming weeks, we will have a slideshow for our evening luau the will have adds from our donating vendors playing all evening for our 400+ guests to see. If you would be interested in donating the board to be raffled we do have a non proffit number for your tax write off!


Johnny Kahanu

I hope you find someone to do this for you.  The Hawaiian Surf Club is a great club.  I attended your luau a few years back.  Enjoyed it very much.  Did my heart(which is the only thing Hawaiian about this Haole boy) good to be around so many vowels and consonants following each other around.  If I’m in Calif.; I’ll drop by.  Much Aloha to all.   Lowel

Aloha Lowell!

I appreciate the well wishes! Im stoked to learn you had a good time, its always nice to know people enjoy what we do! If your around for the luau I would love to meet ya! Here is a link to our Facebook group we created to stay in touch and update the community on upcomming events and we will also be posting our vendors, raffle prizes, and so on, so people know what to expect. Hell come down to 4 doors any sunday for surf! We pot luck all the time and are very friendly hahaha!


Johnny Kahanu

Aloha Johnny,

The shaper you need, in my opinion, is Mr. Jim Phillips.    I have seen his work on historic boards.      As well as his re-creations of early Alaia’s.       I’m not an easy guy to impress.        Jim has impressed me.      Jim is deeply rooted, in the spirit of old Hawaii.     I think he will help make your event a success.        Best of luck to you.


Thanks Bill!

Ill PM him asap and see what we can make happen!


Johnny Kahanu

John Wegener is the man when it comes to Alaia’s, it is his everyday work