Second Board /feedback

mor pics

Cat, decent foil and rocker. Nice job for your number two. The real proof is in the ride. Get your buddies, as many as you can to ride it and get their feedback. What's the fin set up?

Hey Cat, Ya gotta get a better shaping rack. Don't you trip on the sawhorse leg every time you walk the rail? Take a little time to make a good set. It will pay dividends in the long run, since most likely you will never be normal again. Welcome to the club.

It is 6' 5" 19.5  14' tail 12" nose 2.5" thick  tri fin

Come back with a ride report. Give it time before you decide. Get it in different waves and conditions. If you like it, make a rocker template off of it for future reference.

Nice Job! You're hooked now for sure!

nice job mate

Those are not my shaping racks, I made some off the dims on Greenlight site. Thanks for the details.