second hand boards

hi ,

I’m just wondering what you guys pay for second hand boards in good condition in the shops where you are ?

Do they cost as much , less , or more than it costs you to make a board yourself ?

And , do you LIKE the boards you see in the second hand racks , are there [m]any ones that you would / could want to ride ?

okay … thanks for your feedback ,


Second hand boards in shops average about €350 for short/mid length, making one would cost me about €300 incl a finset. Most secondhand boards are pretty crap (Potato chips or mini-mals/eggs). But Good boards are not recognised and can some times be picked up cheap.

Last week I bought a Larry Mabile hand shape 6’8" twinzer fish with a top quality travel board bag for €350 - the guy couldn’t sell it!

I financed that by selling my JC 6’10" surftech, which I bought for €275 (including K fins) and sold on for €350 with crap fins no bag/leash.

My used Malcom Cambell bonzer cost me 600 usd in L.A. bought privately.

the Craigs lists is a great resource for used boards in the US - I could cry looking at whats on sale - worth a look Ben.

Before you ask

Not too stoked on the twinzer setup rides more like a thruster with drive, but has lovely big double concaves - so in true Chipfish fashion - In goes a a center fin box and an extra FCS plug up front. Then stick in my Bonzer center fin and 2 sets of bonzer runners I making out of 10mm Lexan.

Yes yes I’ll post photos, measurements and tell you how it rides when I’m finished :slight_smile:

I bought a used Charlie Smith (Haliewa) for $200 a few years ago. It was a 6-10 semi gun, round pin, kind of yellowed (mellowed) but no dings. It was one of my all time favorite, magic surfboards. That’s why I wonder about all the talk about flex. This board was old enough to have lost its flex but I loved it. It started to delam under my knee and then it got ran over by a lady on a old school triple stringer single fin. I had it repaired but the repair leaked into the delam and the board was history. I copied the template though and will one day try to reproduce it.

Chip, my first board was second hand. way back, got it at yard sale. Six bucks!. It’s hard to find boards in the dumpster or thrift shops these days. cause everyone into it or not thinks they are a bitchin surfer or whatever just because they have a board on their car or under their arm at the beach or whatever.(( like in commericals and Hollywould stuff). most shop have some nice used board. Skurf Ride in Oh-side has many of a used rack board that look like they would be fun to ride. I saw some CI’s and Rusty’s, so there you have it.

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almost done with my shaping racks . . . i’ll be making some second hand boards soon!

I picked up a used Channin CL2 in EXCELLENT condition for $325 bucks over the winter. The guy bought it himself for a good deal and gave it to me for a steal. It had no open dings and a few stress cracks which i had fixed up for about $40…all in all the board cost me 365 and is in amazing condition. Just out of curiosity, i brought it to a shop on the way home and the owner told me i could easily have sold it that day for 550-600 bucks. Rode it for the first time about 2 months ago, and i love it. After that, I’m a believer that good boards CAN be found used.

I’ve currently only ever bought used boards. My first board was a CC Rider longboard I bought for around $500 at a surf shop in South Carolina. It had just been brought in and the guy at the shop had spent the afternoon cleaning the wax off of it and fixing up a small ding. When I got there the store was closing in 15 minutes. I looked over the board, talked it over with my dad for about 5 minutes (I was around 15 at the time), and we walked out with it a couple minutes before the store closed. It’s one of my favorite boards, and I never feel bad about a scratch here and there because it wasn’t perfect when I bought it.

I’ve bought two boards on Craigslist now, a pristine longboard ($325) and a beat up 8’ funboard ($125), and I fixed up the funboard and it’s one of my favorites now. So easy to paddle and catch waves. The longboard I didn’t love as much, so when I was down in South Carolina I took it to a store to sell it. The shop called about two weeks later and it had sold for $450. So I’ll be using that money to buy my first new board, custom order of course. When I was at the shop they had a couple of great looking used boards, Al Merrick fishes and the like, that had only been used twice! The Merrick fish was a beautiful red tint and was about $450.

I think used boards are kind of like old houses, they have a history, and maybe everything isn’t perfect, but you know you’ll be keeping it from being torn-down or thrown out.

Used boards are the way to perk up your quiver! The first thing I look at in any shop is the used rack. Look for great shapes with some bullet holes or dings. My current favorite board is a 7’ M13 surftech with H2’s that was broken in 1/2 .

9’ fusion epoxy $275 US

7’ m13 $100 fins

7’3" Haut $60 Bob Wize tried to tell me it’s 80’s tech, so I put it next to a new Stuart. Same-same board.

6’ O’neill double foiled fins with stubby trailer dumpster dive by my wife (yes!! She loves me)

Lava, I had a 6’8" Haut with the same triple yin-yang-yikes.

"High Energy Surf Designs "

I bought it in poor shape from a guy who used to rent my mom’s downstairs in Bo. Must have been around ‘84 when I got it, and it was probably a hard year or two old…nobody was livin’ careful in Bo back then, much. But what do I know, I mostly had to stay over the hill with my dad :slight_smile: But it was the same shape, same colors, same fins & rails…I surfed it into the ground. I think it ended up burned, but I don’t really know. It disappeared one weekend I didn’t go to mom’s. There’s a woman in town who still has hers’, but its red.

the double wing , three fin boxer …

looks FUN !

I’d like to give that a go as a twinny , making some bigger side fins for it !

good stuff ,

keep 'em coming , folks !

cheers ,


…Rachel , I hope you haven’t given up on making your eps and epoxy board , though ?

Hi benny1, I lived in San Anselmo and the trip over the hill in my old VW was often more exciting than the surf if the road was wet. That board is my loner board for my short boarder friends when the surf is mushy. The deck was in mint condition but the bottom-tail had some garage dings. Fun boards have not changed much, I think it says 87 on the deck. If you want to take it for a spin or trade for something give me a PM. Picture of VW and 7’11" Bing $60