seeing stars....

inspired by kong's island [the quiksilver boardies that year] ,


  and wondering who else has starry boards , fins , shirts or boardies ['trunks'] ??


 could you please post photos of any starry stuff  you use for surfing ?






  I'll get the ball rolling , with some fins I sent " the fish exp"   [cameron] , and "beerfan" [mark]


" t.f.e" [back] quad [his template] ...


'beerfan's [mid sized] 'keel' template ... 





more to come ?


Still got em ben. Might be fun for super sliding action in the pacman board?. Way too small for the 17+" tail, but on a small, low tide day could be fun?. Been spoiled here lately though, lots of fun chest to head high plus waves, good shape, clean conditions, low crowds :)

"  Been spoiled here lately though, lots of fun chest to head high plus waves, good shape, clean conditions, low crowds :) "


 good stuff Mark !!


  with a couple of small twinzer or quads added to the 'mid-keels' , I'm sure your 'Pacman' board  could be made to hold in ?


  wait till you see what  had to try to hold in , surfing the wide arsed Walden in head high sets,  this morning ...['the small curveys' thread to come , in a few minutes....]


  cheers Mark !



....thanks , Cameron , for sending these shots !


I'd forgotten about THESE ones !

  ....looks fun with the "herb's  superchargers" too,  eh ?

[we musta been on the same wavelength yesterday , because as I delved into herb's superchargers box , he sent me , lo and behold , I found a blue starry 'supercharger' pair I had made , reshaping a starry fin I found too large ...sound familiar , mate ? :)






Thanks for posting the pics Ben - I had trouble uploading from my iPad.

To share the story of these fins with everyone else, Ben shaped and foiled the set of starry quads pictured earlier it the thread from a template that I had designed a few years ago… When he sent them to me he also included a pair of one tabbed starry fins that were cut out but not foiled.  The one tabbers went into my drawer of ‘fins n things’ and lived there for a while.

Fast forward a few years… I’ve been riding a displacement hull board lately and have been playing with a few fin combinations… Tried as a single fin with a 9" flex fin and found it to slide out on a bottom turn… Tried it with the smallest fcs side bite fins I could find (gl template) and found it just a little too stiff.  Then driving home from a surf, I remembered the one tabbers in my drawer and decided to foil them.


Ive surfed the board a few times now with the one tabbers and they seem to have just the right amount of bite that I was looking for… Fun fins to experiment with.


The last photo Ben posted for me was an idea I had… Mini canard quads… The starry one tabbers in the front fcs plug trailed by herbs superchargers… Haven’t tried these yet, waiting for the wind to go offshore again… Very swaylochian :slight_smile:



So has anyone else got a story to tell about some starry fins?

or maybe a "star spangled banner" painted board , or custom painted wetsuit ?

by the way , a 'GOOGLE' search of 'photos of kong's island' ...


... bought THIS to light [ as well as some other gems !! ...there is a "Facebook" page , in fact ..... dedicated to it ! ]


good ol' mr. google does it , AGAIN ! [is there ANYTHING he doesn't know / show ?  ] haha  ....nearly as good as the trippy mr. squiggle , my OTHER hero , as a kid ! ]




yep, not only boardies ["trunks" !] , but ....shirts , t shirts ...even the CAR !! 


....stars in the making ...kong , rabbit , chappy , bruce raymond [seen here giving his"stars" a squeeze / hand ???]  ...


a jack mccoy classic , yes sir !