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I am doing well with my shapes thanks to all the info on this site( very grateful). Im from south jersey and i live an hour from the beach and dont know of any surfboard fiberglass guys, so i went to the local marina. I showed one of my boards to a fiberglasser of boats, he said that it looked like i was taking to much resin out of my boards and not enough saturation. They all seem to have tiny little air bubbles, he suggested that i use rollers instead of my squeegy, and that i should put a layer of resin on the blank right before i put my clothe down. He seems to think this may help in my saturation of the cloth and removing tiny bubbles. Have any of you guys tried this before? it sounds good to me but maybe a little heavy in the long run?( heavy isnt so bad) thanks Trev

Trevor Where do you live in South Jersey? I am also from South Jersey. I have thought about using rollers but never tried it. Maybe I could look at one of your boards and give you some advice, I am no expert though. You can email me at . Frank

Howzit Trevor, That’s just the kind of answer a boat fiberglasser would give, but 1 thing I was told many years ago was that boat glassers don’t make good surfboard glassers. If you haven’t hotcoated the board yet you might try mixing a resin batch thinned out with styrene and squeeging it onto the board. If you’re past the point of no return then finish it and ride it. at least you can say you made it and you’ll be one step ahead when you do the next board. Board laminating is a touchy feely thing and it takes time to get it down. Aloha, Kokua

No Rollers allowed. R.B.

…pre-lamming is good for woods but not ness. for foam. …Here’s a great beginners tip !!! Lam your board like normal for you(A slow setting lam resin batch,that’s what causes air in the lam,rather than lack of good saturation).JUST AFTER YOU LAP THE RAILS:Then mix up a really hot batch of lam resin say 4-8 oz.s and squeege in the hotbatch with a plastic bond blade,don’t let it pool if you can,but cover the entire board especially dry areas.Guess what …no more air.Herb

what about vacuum bagging. you can use a pump from an old refrigerator.