seeking knowledge

Thanks, I didnt realize air could come from a slow cure, I am going to slow. I realized this on the last few boards, so i tried to kick it faster but not much cause i didnt want to get to ballsy. What do you guys kick your lam coat at? I am doing 32ozlam resin to 8-10cc most recent board and same ratios with the other boards board size factor. Hot coat 25oz to 19-20cc. Hot coats seem ok as far as the whole cure in a few mins goes, but the lam feels like it is going to slow. Im getting better at my laps especially on the hard edge of the shape on the tail, the thing im also trying to remedy is on my squash tails i cant seem to get the corners to stay down. I cut them good, I’m also a upholstery apprentice so im good with the fabric cuts.But i get these little points on the tips of the squash. Thanks, Trev

Trevor: How long are the boards you are doing? I ask because 32oz. for one side of a board sounds like a lot of resin to me. For one side of a an 8’ board I use around 24oz. As to amount of catalyst; If I was using 32oz. of resin I would probably use about 20cc+ of catalyst. However, I am usually lamminating in cooler, damper conditions. Perhaps you might want to try only laminating half the board at a time. So long as you apply the second half before the first goes off you shouldn’t have any difficulties and you will have more time. Basically, you just keep a wet edge as in painting. In any case I hope this is of some help. Patrick