Seeking Vintage FU fin

I am seeking a mid 70’s vintage, Fins Unlimited thick foiled lexan fin, any color. Please advise as to price.

Still hoping to find one. Anyone?

First generation like this one? I can’t part with this one as it goes to my Con Mini Pin but it might be helpful to know what exactly you’re after. If it is this system you can still buy a fin that fits this type of box from Fins Unlimited…it just won’t be a nice Lexan one like this.

Aloha Mako,
Thanks for your input, but no, not that one. The fin that fits the current Fins Unlimited box, is the one I’m after. Marketed as a ‘‘Brewer’’ fin, though it was not designed by him. The fin was approx. 7 5/8th inches deep. Foil was approx. 3/4th inches thick at the base.

Hey Bill you mean the hollow ones? I might have one “floating” around here…

One of these?

Yep. The one in the middle.

No. I think the hollow ones were produced by Pope. I have one or two, but have been told that they leak. Never put them in a board.

Hi Bill
I know it’s not the real thing but you’re welcome to have this if you want.
It’s my upsized copy of that Brewer template. 8 1/2” depth, 7” base and a foil thickness 20mm at the base.
I made it to try a flex fin of that template and have discovered that I don’t like flex fins. It’s pretty light at around 230g (8oz), you could refoil the tip if it’s too thick for your liking and add a couple layers of glass to stiffen/strengthen it. It has a plywood and glass spine with cork “cheeks” added and then just sealed with resin.

I would just have David Town make you exactly what you want, layed up in whatever color you want.

I made the same discovery, in 1968. Thank you for the offer.

I’m not thinking Bill is after a Lexan fin for its performance. Although I could be wrong…

I’m guessing it’s to go in a period board. Again could be wrong.

He could make the fin as I’m sure he’s got a template.

On a side note… anyone hear from Dave recently???

Yeah that is why I never tried the one I have…I bet you could fill one with spray foam.Maybe. I get that template remade but they are not as thick as you want. Still a nice stiff fin that provides a immediate positive response.,I hate having to order custom fins $$$ that were the standard back when.Now everybody wants flexy wangy dangy fins so thats what they make…

Here’s what I have in thick plastic fins Bill. The oxidized one appears to be the 8" Brewer. The only ones with FU markings are the two DT 8’s on top.

Bill, I went to take my niece surfing with Bernie and my sister today, and all the things he has, he pulled out an original FU Downing fin. I told him that it was a rare fin, and stupidly we used it. My niece ended up beaching herself and the tab on the lexan fin broke. Anyway, I’m planning on making a few copies and trying to fix the tab the way Jim Randy does it.

Did you ever find one?

Really thick beautiful foil on this baby, but the tab is in the front and a weak point. The Brewer and Hynson designs had the tab in the back.


Aloha Harry,

No, I never did score one.        The Downing fin had some flex, and was a bit more fin, at 9 inches deep, than I found optimal for my style of surfing.     The foil, as you commented, is a buautiful thing, eh?

Here’s the fin. Yes the foil is very nice. I’ll be making a few thick fins and I’ll be using this as my guide. I’m not going to put the tab in front. Downing did itto be able to move the fin as far back as possible.

I’d get some of the Kumano bearings to repair that fin since just the tab is broke, but the split pin is still intact.

Good call. I had the same thought.

I think the fins with bearings have the pin up front. I could move the pin to the front, but I’ve never messed with bearings, and I’d hate to do it wrong.