Seen this fin before?

Yes, something like that, but i dont know where. I wonder how that would work on varying boards. Perhaps test it out on a bonzer vs. a singlefin shorty vs. a typical thruster. I wonder…

doesn’t look like it makes much sense to me. tip looks like it wants to be flexy, but all that extra base makes things super stiff. i wonder how it goes…

Hello all. Have been lurkin’ a lot but not posted all that much…summer flatness here in WOz so maybe about time…

Yes, over the past 2yrs have tested them on 3 and single fin boards (6’5" up to 6’9" & one time on a 7’4” rhino chaser).

Note: I’m 6’2", about 85kg and 6’5" is my shortest board with FCS…waves: WA beaches to reefs.

On my short 3f boards it gave a bit more control off the bottom and definitely more drive down the line.

But most fun I had was with my single fin version. I’ve made several is blends between FeralDaves’ design and Greenough’s 4c 9.5" / Stage 6 9.0" and they seem to hold better in hollow surf. My original idea was to use them on short fat single fins in the dumpy shore breaks here @ Trigg. Quick take off, bit more control and speed off the bottom/face – before getting dumped.

Maybe just in my head, but I had fun experimenting…


Creativity is a joy forever

GREAT to hear from ya Martijn !!

for the single fin version, was that a fin box one ,


did you have a three or four plugged base fcs version ?

Do you have any photos , please ?

I would be keen to see both your short fat single fin [a stubbie?] , and of course the FIN , itself !



Hello Ben. Yeah just jig sawed out of marine ply, sand, lam, sand some more, drill holes, add pin + screw, drop in the box and go.

I’ll get the camera out and post as soon as I get out of my air conditioned city cocoon.

Cheers, Martijn


I think it’s backwards…the little hump should be in front,not behind.Herb

To all you guys ,

I made the fins you see pictured at Tweed Heads in 2003-4 for a couple of guys (Troy&Dean) Troy from Sydney, Dean at Tweed.

Don’t know who the guy is from W.A. but he would only have copied the template and the fin foil took a lot of hit & missto get the final set of fins which I than made moulds for lots of testing

by Dean Cole at Snapper Rocks in all surf conditions 2’ to 7-8’ swell. These guys were way ahead with fin template design also having different designs on the drawing board.

F.C.S made them an offer but the offer was for less than the patent


All I can say is the fins were great for racing across closing out sections of the wave,they also made re-entry’s easy as the fins

would release huge amounts of water at the top of the wave making the turn easy, cutback’s were also very easy with the template letting you drift sideway’s for more style but in control.With the large base the fin set gave you heap’s of drive so as soon as you paddled into a wave the board was wanting get up and motor.

Test Riders were Dean Morrison, Lane Beachly, Mick Fanning,Parko.

So this is some of the history of the Template called


Regards Rod


Rod, GG & others,

Thanks for the inspiration…I just like to create a better glide by using history to go forward…for dedicated Test Riders my son and myself…

Posted my blends under the resources:



so how well would that fin work on a beach break on a rocket fish with a 110lbs grom with good surfing but likes really loose fins

The guy who makes these fins is Troy Clutton from Harbord on Sydneys Northern Beaches. Hence “C”- drive.

A nicer bloke you’ll never meet, not out for the bucks, just doing what he can for the overall good.

Yes, I have a set, and happy to ride them day in and day out.

Odd pic tho…doesnt do it justice.


doesn’t look like it makes much sense to me. tip looks like it wants to be flexy, but all that extra base makes things super stiff. i wonder how it goes…

has he experimented with the design at all?

i think it might be interesting to shorten the base, and rake it waaaayyyyy back. i’ve been getting more into flex fins lately and i really dig the way they project you out of turns.

Soulstice, I think Troy Clutton has been at it for 8~9 years, so theres probably heaps of experimentation thats been going on, just ask Troy.

Theres a site, or or sumthin similar. ( has a link I think)Dunno more, just got the fins a year ago and I was impressed.


Hey Spuuut,

Great to see your up close and perssonal with C-DRIVE keep up the positive reinforcement about what the guy’s are up too.‘’ hang loose’’



thanks heaps Martijn for posting those .

That single box fin looks very interesting , I’d like to try one of those !

you’ve got me thinking now …



Harbord eh ? that’s where I started surfing.

And , near where our very own “Robbo” lives . So, you should be able to try them out , then, Rob ! …How about it , mate ?

I think the longer chord length at the base should do good for acceleration and top end speed, nice long surface for laminary flow, the little tail bit should help keep cavitation to a minimum by guiding off the outflow. my 2cts…

"uncle arthur " lol

…guess what my DAD’S name is ?!

…and , you’ll love THIS !!

My MUM’S name is …

wait for it …


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