Selling shaping tools

I have a couple of planers and various other shaping tools for sale. Let me know what you need, i might have it.

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Are you located in europe by any chance? :upside_down_face:

No, sorry. I am in San Diego, CA

I’m interested if still available. I’m in the states

What are you looking for?

Planer or planers Email me if you can.

What do you have shaping wise? Besides power tools. Can you send over some pics?

I have a ton of stuff after shaping for 15 years. I will try to get some time this weekend to take some pics.


Hi Steve, were you able to get pics of what you have? Thanks.

Sorry, Matt.
I have been extremely busy. I will try to get pics before I leave town next week, if I am unable to, it won’t be until the end of the month when I return.


No worries, thanks for the heads up! Send them when you can.

Hi Steve, just checking back with you on the planers and other tools you have for sale. Let me know . Thanks.

In Australia until then end of the month, I will get back to you then.