hey, i was wondering if anyone could help me out on dimensions for a semi-gun that can handle up to double overhead, beach break type waves. i weigh 170lbs. also how are the rails for this kind of board? and what about fin placement. ive made several boards- thrusters and fish, but ive never shaped a board for bigger waves. 'ere

Hard to give you accurate #'s not knowing the width of your regular thruster and what region you will be surfing this board. 6’10", 18 3/4 width, 11 nose, 13-13 1/2 hip?For me, Rails depend on type of wave you will be surfing.So does rocker,tail width/type and botton contour. If you can give a little more info, I will try to help you more with this. TEDK.

ted, i usually either ride a 6’0"x19"x2 3/8" fish (modern) or a 6’4"x18 3/4"x 2 3/8" thruster. I can ride the thruster up to about 10 feet(faces), but at that size it seems like its real squirrely and catches rails easily. i normally surf Honolii which is on the east side of the BiG island. its a small rivermouth with a stone bottom. it stays pretty glassy but the current can screw with the waves, sometimes rubbing them out into mush, sometimes jacking them up pretty good. the days i will take out this semi gun will probably be 8’ plus, the waves more sucking up from underneath than gradually building into a peak. once you drop in you either have a really long wall or a really short one. its not a super fast wave. anyway i hope this gives you enough info. thanks for your help 'ere

7’0"x18 1/2 x2 3/8. pintail or rounded pin. maybe even go up to 2 1/2.sounds like a big board but you would be surprised how much you can throw it around.A couple of extra inches will always help to get into the wave early and big waves mean long rides and big paddles. Rails suit yourself , your shaping it. Try speeedfins they work.

sensi-Pandanuss’ #'s sound good.If your riding a 6’4", definitly go up to 6’10-7’2. The first specs I talked about were close(6’10).If you go with 7’0 try too get the 70R for your blank.2 1/2 thickness sounds good too.Any xtra paddle help is always nice.I would also do 10 1/2-11 N and 12 1/2 or so tail with a round pin.I also usually put forward vee to flat to vee on boards of this style.Single to double concave with slight vee could go well also.Hows things on the Big Island. I usually go to Maui and shape for a friend there each winter. Hope I can make it again this year.Good luck with your board.With Aloha,TEDK.

thanks guys, i think i will probably go with a 7’0", i was thinking 6’8" at first but maybe thats too small. ted- thanks for the bottom info. things here are pretty good right now, maybee see you at honolii sometime. 'ere (passing)

vee sounds good , but I am a big fan off single to double concaves or just a plain double concave . remember speed is the key and if your going fast you can pull anything off.