Semigun hull?

Paul Gross, what’s the specs on that semigun hull? I’m very interested in making something similar. Does it still ride like a hull? What kind of waves/breaks is it made for? Does it still work in midsized/small surf? Thanks a bunch. regards, Håvard

The outline numbers are in the resource section. The thickness flow is 1.75" x 3.5" x 1.75". 5.5" of nose lift, 2.5" of tail lift. 1.5" hull depth. Box 5.5" up. Yes, this board rides like a hull, but it needs head high or bigger to start carving. Point of clean reef surf is best. Beach break is OK, but not idea.

Point OR clean reef surf is best. Beach break is OK, but not IDEAL.

I’ve have see others nothing that hulls have a certian performance envelope as in how big surf they can handle. How does this affect the semigun hull, does it start to max out in surf of a ceratin size? Are there any compromizes in the hull design to make it work as a semigun? How deep is the hull? Thanks a bunch. regards, Håvard

Hulls have no size limitations. Like flat bottom boards, they need to get longer and narrower for bigger waves. Hull depth of the semi-gun noted in the above numbers.

Havard, I’m posting some pictures of a new 8’8" semi-gun hull that should turn up inthe resource section in a few days. There are some numbers in the posting.