Sequence shots for shaperplusone *PIC*

Hey there, This set of Pics may not show performance increases but its a good sequence anyways. I have also amended the web addy …

Show me more. Please.

Ok, This is the rap about footage. I have footage of protype #2 which we named “Old Yeller”, the particular board shown in the footage is not the best of the series of 42 boards that were refined over the next 9 years. In fact I was recovering from a serious racing accident had broken collar bone , arm ,hand and ribs so that particular board I didnt even lay a hand on in the construction. But the board had most of what the modern versions have but even then it was just still a concept to me I hadnt fully come to terms with what I was achiving and how. Unlike today there is no doubt in my minds eye what can be done with flow forms for any purpose. I just happen to be a long term surfer with a passion for fluid dynamics and science who is highly interested in high velocity sports and applied my experience and knowledge to surfboard design. Right Im getting of the track about footage, Old Yeller is still a good bit of footage that I can show you guys, herin is my problem some of you may have noticed that my web address is a free site therefore no bandwidth no footage. I can however send you the clips I have which are incidently copies from Prime9 news here in Australia showing my board being ridden in fairly crappy conditions but still there was a wave. So how would you like me to forward the footage as I definately cant post it to my web page ? Oh how is the web page working it seems that my bandwith is dropping out a fair bit ?