Set screw screw up

Hey Gang,

Just did an install on my new board. Probox; went real smooth. Routed out the holes, sealed the exposed foam with some epoxy so as to not get drainage when I poured the resin in for the install. Was a little overzealous when I poured the resin in for the final box install and had some spill over in to the top of the box where I had not covered the holes for the set screws (though I had countersunk the screws themselves as far in as they would go).

Now I have a couple of the screws that have resin in the 2mm heads and are going to be a b*tch to back out. Was wondering if anyone had some suggestions; same size screw (approx) that is used in FCS plugs, so if you’ve experienced this before with that system, any solutions you devised would be applicable.

Was thinking the usual; bolt extraction kit, self-tapping reverse threaded screw, etc. Going to stop by a friends auto shop today and see if we can sort it out, but in the event that someone has an easier solution, I’d be glad to hear it. Next time…remember…wax in the set screw holes…



Use a center punch for that size hole, and tap gently in the center of the allen head hole, then blow the resin out. It oughta crack off pretty cleanly.

I’ve done it with a teeny tiny drill bit. Can’t remember the size, just test the drill bit for size on another (non-resin-filled) set screw and make sure it will not grind out the hex-shape hole into a round one. Then drill thru the resin really slowly with a variable speed drill. Add a drop of acetone, and try to get your hex key in good enough to back out the screw… remember to push more than you turn!

PS I find that careful use of masking tape keeps the screw holes resin-free…no need for wax.

Mebbe a variation on a theme - drill well undersize, but big enough to get the end of a fine nail set in there. The nail set being tapered, as it goes in it should crack away the resin which can then be blown out with compressed air.

Let us put it this way, having set finish nails all the way through wood in order to remove said wood in one piece, I know far too much about a tapered set’s propensity to crack things.

hope that’s of use


All solid ideas gents. Thanks. Don’t know that the acetone trick will help me (it’s epoxy), but the others were along my lines of thought. Off to the friends car shop to see what tools he’s got for me.

Gloss coating tonight. Woot Woot!

take the same allen head wrench that came with the fin system and heat it red hot with a lighter ,then carefully place in treaded hole , taking care not to melt the threads, but melting the resin in the set screw head, if your lucky -