Setting Up My Garage To Shape!!

Hello Sways especially you garage shapers!
I am in the process of setting up my garage to shape in.  It will be a TIGHT space yet I am determined. 
The space is real small but I am so optimistic that it will work.  Dims: 8 feet wide by 8 feet deep and does have some obstacles (like studs--[no not hot dudes]) that i am bound to ding the blank on. hah.   PS: I am a renter who's garage is connected to the owner's garage. It's divided yet does have the potential to spread dust over there.  No bueno.  ( My time limit is 2-4 weeks!!!  It will be done!)
Here's what I have to do:
  1. Clean everything out (and get my roommate's approval since its his stuff too). 
    2. Create barrier (like a sheet or tarp) to separate my neighbor's garage from mine so dust doesn’t fly over.
      3.  Make my shaping racks
        4. Install lights and power supply  (good thing I have electrician friends!)
          5. Set up tools & shop vac to contain mess
            6. Buy blanks.
             7. start shaping
Its just a place where I can practice my skills (or lack thereof)... not a production line-up.
Any tips and suggestions to my plan of action are always welcome!   I'll post some pictures soon.
peace. whitney

You could probably get by with hanging a sheet of plastic as a divider from ceiling to floor. There was also someone that posted a thread on with a great little temporary shaping stall in a two car garage. I can’t remember the thread or who posted it, but I saved the pics.





good luck ehereal, i'm sure you can do it!

ozzy, i believe those pics are from Bud.

Thanks. I didn’t remember where or who, but it was one cool little temp shaping bay.

hmmm, the shaping stands look different... updated maybe? maybe i was mistaken and your pics were from someone else?

if not the same, very similar.

I think it’s the same shaping bay, maybe the racks are updated/another set, and the pics are from a different thread? Sorry to not credit you Bud. They say the memory is the second thing to go. I don’t remember what the first thing was. haha Anyway, thanks again. I’m sure that the thread link will be more helpful to Whitney.


thanks ozzy & chrisp,

it will definitely help! 

You may want to think about a “vent” fan Whit.  Helps keep your dust down… May no be the best for the great out doors, but you’re not doing production either.  Get a vac attachment for your planer…  I hardly plane at all, yet I’m blown away by how much ends up in my vac can.

Also - I’m a huge fan of racks you can move around independently…   Good for skim board up to 10.5’ gun.   I made mine with @ 2.5" pvc, then I made shaping/sanding rack attachments, glassing rack attachments, and blank glue up attachments.


I presume you've done it already

but as a renter

you should ask permission and advise the owner of yoru intentions

there's alot of insurance liabilities that could come into play as well as code issues

more of a courtesy than anything else


keep everything portable for sure

there's alot of stuff available for drywalling dust containment out there at home depot etc.



this is what happens when you raise your kids right

they go forth and conquer.

my wife and brother (roomates) hate the dust…negative air pressure is the key…I keep a box fan in the window blowing outwardso that air is coming IN to my shop from the garage as opposed to going the other way and blowing dust all around.

no matter what you do with vac attachments and dust collection, it’s still a mess…especially come sanding time.

It is a mess that’s for sure. I can fill my shop vac 3 times for each board.

Keep your eyes open for a sale at HD, Lowes, or Kragen (of all places) or horrible freight and see if you can pickup a small compressor. That and a small touch up gun (for board painting) and a blow gun (for cleanup - helps to get foam dust off you and everything else) will help alot.

Hey Whitney,

I’ve got an idea, why don’t you cruise on down to Foam E-Z and take our shape room for a test run free of charge? Maybe it will give you some insight to what you want and don’t want in your shape room. Just give us a heads up and we’ll pencil you in 714 896-8233. Talk to you soon.




Shop vac is definitely necessary as well as ventilation.  I do plan on keeping the garage door partly open.

and EZgrant, expect a call from me this week!  sounds like a deal!


I'm shopping Craigslist for people selling on there.  I've used it before and it works great.  thanks, an air compressor would be very helpful.  There's so many things you take for granted when working at someone else's shop. 


Ken don't worry, I won't leave your place.... there is too much to learn yet.    I just need to practice my awesome rail banding skills... HAH.

all good advice.

beware the air compressor blow guns from Harbor Freight.

the tip blew off the one i got and dinged the blank. grumble, grumble...

Ughh, it blew off?!  that would be the worst excuse to give because you 'dinged your board'....

kind of how someone's bird chewed on some blanks. 



Go for it!

Built mine this summer and have been having a blast!  Look for seconds, they are kinda hard to come by but you can get a few boards built without dropping a lot of cash.

Nothing like taking your board out for the first time! 

You will spend even more time on sways, completely addicted, blown away by the knowledge that is passed on, day after day after day…

Have fun!







hahahahaha…it’s good to hear that retarded shit happens to people besides me!


ha ha, yah, i was laughing too.

that board was going far too well, something was bound to happen...

i guess that's karma for buying cheap knockoff stuff.

scared the crap outta me when it happened though.

on the plus side, the blow gun works fine without the tip on there.