SF Bay Area Foam Supplier

I am in the SF Bay Area, on the peninsula around the Redwood City area, north of Santa Cruz and south of San Francisco. I want to get cheap, rectangular foam blanks to practice my fiberglassing techniques and experiment with different board shapes. At this stage, I don’t need a high quality blank. However, I do want something that is usable. I don’t want to spend $120 on a pre-formed blank PLUS shipping costs and then screw it up. Also, I have enough boards that I use on a regular basis and don’t really want to make a standard shortboard or a longboard. I would rather experiment with something that I don’t have and would still want to use for some fun. What I want to do is get some CHEAP blanks that I can get from somewhere I can drive my van to and pick up the foam. I’m willing to glue sheets together with the appropriate resin. I’m willing to work with either epoxy (I have zero experience) or polyester (I have some repair experience with delams only).

Does anyone know where I can buy cheap, square blanks in my area?

The reason I’m thinking of using square blanks is because I’m thinking of building a standup paddleboard for flatwater. I figure that the shape won’t be that critical in flatwater. The board I’m thinking of would be 12’ by 30" by 4" with a fairly flat rocker, fin box, and leash plug, fiberglass stringer (for simplicity). Once I find the foam, I’ll be asking more questions about board design. I’m also thinking of building a 14’ canoe out of 1/4" plywood and marine epoxy with standard 8 oz boat E-glass before the making the standup paddleboard. The canoe should be much easier and cheaper. I’ve priced out the canoe parts at $200, including the cost of the epoxy, hardener, fiberglass, two sheets of plywood, paint. I want to get the foam parts for the 12’ paddleboard at under $75.

Well, my plans all depend on whether or not I can find cheap foam. I was even thinking of going to Home Depot and seeing what they have available. It’s an educational project for me, so I don’t worry about it taking more time to glue foam sheets together. As long as it works.

Hey, Mahalo for any advice.

I suggest you read the second sticky above under General Discussion. I think it says something like “Before you post a question please do a search.” Lots of info on foam, Home Depot etc. in the Archives. Probably not much on building canoes though.

Look up the 14$dollar blank thread or Home Depot blank thread.

The cheapest foam I have found is at White Cap a 4"x2’x8’ 1lb for $12.85.

They have 2lb and 4’x8’ sheets in lots of sizes.

Also Bob’s Foam Factory,Home Depot,and Western Supply for XPS.

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Thanks for the info. Prior to posting, I typed “foam” and “cheap foam” and “foam supplier” into the search criteria.

It’s rather difficult to actually do the search and find information. I’m happy to do the work. I spent 30 minutes or more trying to do searches. I tried several other searches after I saw the tips and the “Home Depot” search yielded some good info. you extended help and I received. Thanks. helpful.

I have a lot of experience with the Home Depot EPS. Its cheap, but you have to use epoxy, and that’s not so cheap.

If you really just want to mess around, Home Depot has something for that as well. Its a cheap, yellow, non-uv stabilized insulation panel of polyurethane foam. There’s a foil/plastic backing that will have to be peeled off. And it will turn brown pretty fast in the sun. 4’ x 8’ sheets in varying thickness, up to about 2 or 3".

But its cheap, and so is the polyester resin you can use with it.

there are blanks for sale in the Bay Area…


here’s a thread i started a while back…

i’m just across the bay from you…

good luck