Shape #2

Thanks for everyone for answering my weird misdirected questions. Here is shape #2, sculpted from within shape #1. Shape #1 went undocumented and melted for scraps.

Looks good.  I gave it a like

I resized the pics down to a more functional size, so they don’t show up sideways.

Thank you sir, I was struggling to post it from my phone

I like your board, too. Ambitious going after the wings an a number 2! Mike

I didn’t even get past the outline correctly on #1. I went through the motions anyway for the rest of the process. I made #2 from within #1, so it’s actually too small for me and prob won’t get glassed. For that reason I threw caution to the wind and decided to give fluted wings a go. Now I got to figure out what to do with it. Wall art maybe.

Glass it and find a smaller rider for it.    Then go surfing with them.  Watching someone else have some fun on a board you built is it’s own experience.   Besides, we build these boards to be ridden.