Shape3d on Mac

Hey guys,

I learnt Aps 3000 and now due to factors out of my control the people who wanted to buy that machine have switched to another machine which runs Shape 3d.

So, I need to know if anyone is running Shape 3d on a Mac OS X or has clues how.


Do they make a version of Shape3D for Mac? If not it would take a major rewrite of the software if they havn’t done it right in the first place. You could run it if you have a windows emulator for the Mac(if those are still around). Atleast they used to work well…



I’ve run the demo version on my Mac using Virtual PC. It works. But the 3d rendering is a little slow. If you are spending $5000 for Shape3d, it might be worth spending another $300 for a cheap PC.

Thanx Kenz, thats the tip I’ve gotten also from whoever answered my question through the shape 3d website. At this point in time I only want to run the sample version, so I can catch up with the people getting a machine. It’s not my money, and they did’nt go with the machine I had had a go with- APS 3000. Anyway, as I said, its not my money, so …

Max out the RAM on your Mac if you want to run a PC emulator. If you need to get a Windoze PC to run one bit of software see if you can use a Keyboard Video Mouse(KVM) switch so you don’t have two keyboards, videos, and mice on your desk.