Shape3d square tail longboard help

Hello guys, here’s another question from m e.


what do you about think tail design in Shape3D when machined with CNC?

What’s your expectation the router work on the tail rear side?


The pink line is the “rail” view on s3d and you can see the last slice at lenght 0 below.

tail position


What can i do to have pink line goin’ into the end of the board directly without merging to the stringer?



any hint?

Evilkid??? No foolin’?? Really?

Okay I’ll bite.

Your using Shape3d, but you want to have BoardCad and AKUshaper also.


Put your file into AkuShaper and look at it in 3d, also called the ‘shapers bay’,…I believe.

This might physically show the flaw. Learn the 3d stuff well , look throgh the help section for this.

Try altering that file in either AKU or Shape3d until the flaw dissapears.

BoardCad will accept and convert files of either Aku or Shape3d. So if you alter a file

and it doesnt go into the other program, pass it thourgh Boardcad and use the ‘save as’ option.

Also learn Boardcad while your at it.


If you havent been doing the above previously, you should be.

solved. thanks anyone


i really need another big help anyone could convert my s3d file to gcode with the full version

i know i’m asking you a lot but help me please


my email is

i’ll give you my shape3d file if you decide to help me

solved again. thank you again

no matter