Shaped Foam Board Weight

I’m interested if anyone here has weighed their boards before painting and glassing.

If you have I would like to know the basic dimensions of the board, type of foam core and approx weight.

Not too worried about the shape. I just weighed my HWS skeleton and it comes in at 825 grams, nearly 2lb if I remember correctly.

thanks people…


Taking info from Berts sandwich thread… his sample board (not his real construction process) was a 6’8" at 1283 grams, but then it will only need 2oz bottom, 4oz deck to be durable. His thread has some other stats on compariable size PU blanks…

I can’t help you with actual weights as it was over ten years ago, but at that time we were playing with glassing techniques and various moulded fins and fin layup techniques, so due to the variables of length and thickness we weighed everything at every stage.

Seemed a hassle initially as we would all rather be surfing. Eventually we had enough info to really know how every little change effected the end product.

Keep all your measurements. Don’t go backwards blindly.

…Why ?

There’s a reason behind this question, ISN’T there, Grant !

The shell and the rails and the box[es?] on your 6’9 " will all weigh …? lbs/ ? grammes ?

Perhaps an [a la Paul Jensen] hollow FOAM core board is next on the agenda / horizon for the “Hickster”, yes ?

If you have scales at your place, feel free to weigh that ‘stringerless’ blank sitting in the box in your shaping bay…then , we can re-weigh it after shaping and pre-spraying and glassing, if you like…