Shapemakers Video Review

New video out titled The Shapemakers. It would lead you to believe that is a video chock full of great design insight by some of the legends. Not so. The Brewer interview had a couple of tidbits of his thoughts on design. That’s pretty much it for the entire 75 minute film. The remainder is basically some nostalgia about the surfboard industry of the past by guys like Ole, Velzy, Hamilton, etc. Overall, If you’re looking for design info or lets-watch-a-legend-shape-a-board, this is not your video. If you want a little bit of perspective on the days of old, you may enjoy it. The last guy they talked to was some Aussie machine shaper who seemed like a real wierdo!

Thanks for the review. I think I’ll pass on that one.

hey where can you get this video, sems up dads alley for x-mas