Shaper looking for CNC finish or production shaping work

I am looking to pick up extra work doing CNC finish or shaping in the vicinity of Huntington Bch/Costa Mesa, etc. I have 11 years shaping experience with almost 1400 boards shaped. The last 45 have been EPS foam. I have decent painting/striping abilities also. You can e-mail me : or call

(714) 679-4604

Thanks, Sean McCabe

McCabe Surfboards

Hey Sean,

We are looking for a finish shaper. We are starting production for our art and ridable boards that we have licensed from Wyland the whale artist guy. We have a ton of work. We are located in Huntington Beach. We also have alot of production work for our other lables as well. You can give me call on Monday @ 714-934-8500 Pacific Surf Industries.


I’m still lookin’