Shaper Pat Ryan

Anyone know anything about Pat Ryan’s shaping work? There’s a bio about him on and I’ve been thinking about having him shape me a board.

In email, Billy wrote: Does anyone know anything about Pat Ryan’s shaping work? Pat aka Gumby has roots that date back to ding repair at the Greg Noll shop in Hermosa Beach in the late '60s. A close friend of former Greg Noll shop salesman, Eddy “ET” Talbot, Pat has shaped for the South Bay locals for decades. Pat is respected as the youngest shaper listed on Dale Velzy’s “roots” chart. Buy local. Try Gumby. If you don’t like that board, go to Bendiksen or one of the other great South Bay shapers. Rory

i see guys at el porto w/ his boards a lot. most often a “kingfisher” model, kind of an aipa style fish. they always look really nicely done and definitely a little different than most of what you see out there. wish i could give you a 1st person report, but guys are riding them in juicy pounding waves. go cruise the porto lot on a weekend morning and you’ll see a few. maybe get some first hand accounts…