Shapers Australia Profiling machine

I was wondering I was looking at some products through Shapers Australia and I came across the profile machine. It looks kind of wobbley,thin,and held together by wing nut screws. It also said that Justice surfboards use the same machine. Has anyone used it? And what’s the difference between using a planer and a router? It seem that it would take more time to use the router? It’s also expensive!

These things are common and you can build one yourself much cheaper than that. Try checking the archives.

well observed. track down Nigel Beckham (maybe through Burford??), he went out of business and has one left. certainly worth the money, I know the machine.

da cheetah, i have one laying in the upper storage area of my factory. i havent used it for a few years. if you come to oz ill get it down and sell it too you for a pretty good price, its built much stronger than the one you have seen on the net, it much like KRs one thats in the archives. its too difficult to get it down from the roof unless your really serious, dave