Shapers in Oceanside

What up friends, I am not the type to ask for help … but is there any way i can watch someone shape in oceanise?   i can sweep your booth, buy you some beer, and be appreciative as hell!

I just started shaping and airbrushing and am absoulutely IN LOVE with the process… but i am a visual learner and i am a little crossed eyed from reading so many threads on here.

I just surfed my first board i made, it looks sick but surfs mediocre at best.   too lil foam in tail and/or double concaves too deep is my guess :(   (i learned how not to do everything on it)  haha

I am a bit of a perfectionist and am totally bummed my board is working less than great!!!

Anywho, thought it would be worth asking.   Thanks for reading.

The Hobie shop in Dana Point has a windowed shaping room that Gary Larson shapes in on occasion and Jed Noll has a similar set up at his shop here in San Clemente as well.

Call up and find out when they’re working…




Send a message to Barry Synder he is here a lot.  It is one thing to watch a guy shapea board and another to watch a true master.  Barry is one is a master and worth watching and learning from.   Another source would be to buy Jim phillips DVD set on shaping. 

I realize it’s not what you asked for but really study this thread:

Especially Bill Barnfield’s posts, along with Mike Daniel near the end iirc.

That thread really changed my whole game in regards to shaping.