shapes - NSW

hi all is there anyone on the mid north coast of nsw around the coffs harbour region that is hand shaping at home for a hobbie.anyone that is glassing or doing ding repair as well im doing my own work and would be sick to trade some ideas or gear cheers Dan

I live at Evanshead,

I spoke to a guy filming at EH a few days ago - he said he’d made  a few boards. Was that you? I was riding a yellow paipo. 

I know of a guy called Justin who lives near Coffs who makes a few boards. He’s originally from Kauai.



No that wasn’t me Bob,may have been my cousin Bill, did he have long hair??? Were you here for holidays? i havent surfed all holidays as i have been unwell. Hope you got some waves, been so crowded here lately, compared to usual.

Yeah, I think he had long dark hair. He talked about Simmons boards and thicker, short boards. One of the boards was red n white from memory.

The swell dropped really quck but there werre some fun ones around. The main road was as busy as I can remember but by the time we left it was starting to slow down.



Yeah, i spoke with him this afternoon, he said it was him you were speaking to.

Our mate Johnny shaped the red and white board, its a copy of an old single fin knee board he found under a house, but we set it up witha quad option which he was riding it as the day you were there.

The mini simmons boards he mentioned  are what i have been shaping and riding lately and Bill, my cousin has made a couple of wizard sleeve type boards and a couple of twin fishes.

Small world, too bad i didnt get to meet you and talk boards haha those guys have ten years on me ,im only 30 but i been shaping a few boards for about three years and geed them up to give it a go bout 9 months ago, they have built 6boards between them and also one hollow ten foot longboard which all surf very well.


i think this is you on the yellow piapo?? And my mate on his “sumo” quad as he names it.


Geez, it’s a  small world. I was talking to your mate the day before at the nearby look-out. When I went out there weren’t too many people around and I’d left my gear on the rock next to where your cousin came and set himself up.

That’s my yellow paipo made by Chris Garrett aka the phantom, based on one of Larry Goddards’ designs. I brought a few boards to experiment with -  a bonzer paipo as well as my old favourite a John Galera Nofin. Shame about the guy in the foreground - I suspect that was the end closeout section. 



i was just up there, rode a self shaped at mulloway for the week and it ripped.