Shaping advice -Rocker on a Hybrid 6'9"


I need some rocker numbers for the Channel Islands M23 6’8 - 7’ long. Any info on bottom contours would be helpful.
Rider is 6’3 175lbs, bit out of shape but intermediate skills.

For a 6’9" this is where I’m at just from guessing. (Never mind the fin placement on this drawing. It’s automated and wrong.)

Your rocker looks like a good general-purpose rocker to me. But I’m no pro builder.
Maybe one of the local gurus will comment with more detailed input…

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Thanks @stoneburner. Yeah I shouldn’t be too far off, maybe a tad low as is. Wonder if I could make it a bit more lively of I kicked it up in the back a bit. Bottom contours are quite subtle. Single concave starting in front of center transitioning a double concave, introducing vee between the feet and lifting the rails totowards the tail to give it a little more rail curve.