Shaping and glassing in the same room

I just built a new shaping shed. My last one had two bays. On for shaping and one for glassing. My new one is much smaller and I will have to shape and glass in the same room. Any tips? What is the best floor set up? What is the best way to switch out your racks from shaping to glassing?

Mahalo for your help.

Hey Kevangkus,
I do it all in the space of a small garage workshop. The place is filthy - a real pit of doom, dust an inch thick everywhere…and I have no problems - even with epoxy. The pics are of a shaping/glassing stand that I designed and made my self some years ago. The wooden glassing tray is perfect for keeping it off the floor - no more sticky feet and it extends out at each end to cater for longboards. cheers Rich

After shaping, shop vac all you can, then blow out the room with a leaf blower. Let it settle overnight, then paper the floor with red rosin paper and cheap crepe tape, and swich up your racks for glassing. My racks are wood, so I just cover my padded shaping “heads” with plastic shopping bags, and screw my wooden glassing T racks right into my shaping stand.

I do just like nj_surfer suggests but, I don’t do anything to the floor.

works for me

I do 3 at at a time. Forces you to finish the boards before rebooting. I use weed matting over my floors, but they’re concrete. No slip, mask em down, epoxy drips bridge & cure on the matting, lasts a bit longer than paper, but I use rosin on my workbench. When I do a lot of sanding, I’ll wipe down the shape room with citrus solvent & water. Wet cleanup is the best way for me, I rinse my extracton filters with water too over a sheet of mesh/over rocks. my glassing area is on the other side of my shape room, semi-wall-divided, I visqueen the entry into the shape room because I need to angle out long hulls through the exit of the detached garage I work out of.

nj surfer hit it right on the head.except i ues rosin paper to cover my shaping stand.

My shaping/sanding racks are the Foam-EZ ones that bolt to the floor, but they have thumb screws that allow the tops to be easily removed. My glassing racks are concrete-in-home-depot-bucket style. So it is quite easy to switch from shaping to glassing to sanding. I keep the glassing racks off to the side and drag them out when I need them. When glassing, I remove the tops of the shaping racks and put them off to the side. Also, I cover my fiberglass rack with a plastic sheet to keep the dust off when shaping/sanding.


No problem with poliester but even the slightest dust in the room with epoxy will cause problems.

haven’t tried poly, but you’re absolutely right about epoxy. cleanliness is critical. Which is why I’m pumped about bagging here forward…

disagree with Mako and Vaeske.

dust isn’t that big of an issue


I usually shape and glass in the same room. I put tar paper under the  glassing racks to catch the drips.  I don’t worry a lot about dust with epoxy, but will do a bit of cleaning first.  Mainly the light fixture directly over the stands. I don’t want a bunch of foam dust floating in the air,or cascading down on my lamination regardless of the resin so I am careful about that. I do everything in a dusty, enclosed carport where I am in constant battle with female rats. Mike

Have to agree with chrisp, only use epoxy and have’nt had any issues with dust.

I think my last roll of 4 oz was crap, for some reason I kept seeing artifacts and had clarity issues.

We’ve seen a lot (a lot) of pollen flying in the air last 4 weeks, maybe it had something to do with my lams. That said, this 7’-2" was just coated, she looks pretty good…I have my days

Always room for improvement. The room could always be cleaner. I might be a “glass is half-empty” glasser…

my one room shape and glass.

About 30 boards by year, lot off repairs, clean 2 time by year, no dust problem, all epoxy.

Dust, hah, how about bugs. They think my hot coat is their personal landing strip.

nice thirdshade. quality setup right there.

that is BITCHIN Thirdshade!



 I am in constant battle with female rats.


In my experience a little red wine and cheese will sooth the nerves, and let you ...shall we say, have your way with them.


I think there would be a market for those racks. They are sweet.

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