<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Shaping Art vs.Craft>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Which is your choice in this challenge…?

Is Shaping…(heck,boardbuilding all together) …

…An Art…?

…Or a Craft…?

other ?

Choose one…if you can ?

Pandora’s at it again !!!

or is that Dora ???

My link to the other world ?



Ha! On this one I have to go with both. Kinda gotta have some craftmanship to make good work of your art. Taylor


If there is any art in a surfboard its not the kind you can see, hear or touch. Maybe when surfing the board it becomes more than craftmanship.


Shaping is the art of crafting a surfboard.

Well, I forget where I had read this but…

Art is all about from. i.e. It’s about eye or ear candy, pleasing to those senses, but basically not having any use other than that.(what will you do with your Monet other than look at it)

whereas, say, engineering is all about function, i.e. make it work, make it work well.

A craftsman(person) is someone who melds both form and function together. i.e. make something that is functional but with asthetics.

I say a craft then. As boards are functional; (we should be making them to be) and even a plain white boards has asthetic apeal to it, to say nothing of the beauty of a boards done by Moonlight, Cooperfish, Austin or any other of the masters out there.

Hey Herb old Buddy.If you do stuff like Jim Phillips with multiple glue ups and completely hand shape it I would call it an art.If you are sanding computer shaped blanks it’s a craft.Picasso did repetitive paintings ( assembly line fashion) in the same style using the same techniques and they only took an hour or so.Is that art or a craft?Jim Phillips can get maybe a grand for a hand shaped masterpiece…if a well know artist "sculpted’ a twisted peice of crap it may be worth millions.Its crazy out there.

the artist writes down a number that starts with five digits beyond the decimal point and has no guilt of not having a limit as to what they take from a buyer of their works.

the craftsman is forced not to ask for more that a figure greater than three digits beyond the decimal point and is burdened with guilt from theie buyers when they try to ask for more.

every craftsman strives to eventually reach artist status

in this industry very few do

becoming an artist has more to do with successful marketing that it does with the actual end product produced…

reminds me off the problem being faced by the big investment houses on wallstreet who are dealing with their spoiled iconic traders who are either sueing, or threatening to leave because their multi million dollar 2007 bonuses are “insulting”. The 1% will also be in another world…

It is a craft

that utilizes many diciplines

Technical Craft.

Unlike most other crafts, surfboards need to perform.



Art and craft are interchangeable words for some endeavors.

Board building to some is an art craft. Performed by artisans or craftsman… Also interchangeable words for some endeavors.

Board building to others is simply making a product for a branded company.

Choose which one…. if you can.


It ain’t rocket science. If you see one of my boards you’ll be hard pressed to label it art or craft. But they work. For me it’s passion or obsession or some other perfume name.

Ride on,


“A skilled craftsman leaves no traces”

Zen master

A shadow thru glass…

In and out…

Here and gone…

Without a trace.



Art and Craft, are like the YIN/YANG symbol, both elements must be present, to complete the whole. I don’t think they can be separated.

Herb, Poked a stick in the hornet’s nest again, eh?

If you look at the form of a surfboard, it is a piece of sculpture: Pure form. Every curve and nuance has a purpose. Nothing there that shouldn’t be there. The surfboard is art: pure, clean, and simple.

The fun part is, that you can throw it in the water and surf on it, so it’s also a piece of engineering.

You put multiple stringers in, or tints, or airbrush, that’s artful frosting on the cake.

Doug S

“You might be a redneck if your son is in the second grade, and you walk him to school because you’re in the same class.”

Jeff Foxworthy

thine art is within ye varlet.

lest it be lost

manifest it in physical form.

A dream is a dream

a tool to set free the

Dream is a gift

from the imagination

to the world

via the hands.

What the hands give

to physical form

the feet caress the

aqua mantle of the

giver of life .

call her what you will

mother wife lover

the saline oceans

are a reflection

of what is in us all.

chicken and egg?

sprout and bean?

art and craft?

blood and ocean?

earth and infinite space?

what came first?

what takes precedence?

fine talking points

and yet

the act

begets another act,

unless there is no following act. *

is surfing a one act play?

A resounding No.

is it a cacophonus symphonium of

elementals and contrivances?

Why of course yes.

let us revel and dance to exaustion

arround the shaping stands

and on the circus sands

in our merry bands

listening to the single hand

clapping and clasping life eternal

with impunity.

Our time to love life and surf is at hand

craft your art

shape your dream

make it work.

someday we will track the cosmos.


*live to ride one more wave.

live to shape one more board.


"…on the circus sands.‘’ What an insight. SO MUCH SAID, IN SO FEW WORDS.

(Though you did use a lot of them to get there.)

Thank you.

For me …

Art…first and foremost.


circus sands…

copped that from bob zimmerman

tamborine man…

but it sure is appro poe

herbie,yep meetoo

art all de way…