Shaping bay essentials?

Hello, I’m currently setting up a proper area to shape in, mostly looked at how others set it up, is there anything missing?
I am wondering if a second “shelf” under the lamps would add something to the mix

Recently saw a photo of a shaping bay where there were about a dozen horizontal lines drawn on the wall at one end, so you could lift up the tail and look down the board and check for twists and high spots relative to any horizontal line.

Had never seen this before.


Looks like you could use a better set of racks for starters. Also something to protect the floor.

racks for sure, but these are still level and do the job so I’ll hold on to them for a bit, but for the floor, I prefer it like this, as i don’t glass in this room, it is easy to vacuum the tiles

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You can come up with some relatively inexpensive suction/vacuum systems and the “slinky” cords can be helpful for longer boards - check Matt Kinoshita’s instagram for some shots of his vacuum setup. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little organizer of some sort on the shelves for sanding blocks/pads/etc. A little vertical shelf can be handy for templates - usually stored under the shelving/lights if I understand correctly. I like the idea of reference lines on the wall - you could use a level and snap a line then use green tape (for fin boxes) to make your reference points/lines.