shaping epoxy

what are the main differences between using epoxy and polyester resin? what are the changes in shaping the foam? are there any special tricks that i should know? any suggestions would help

I’ll throw you enough info to get you started in the Archives…

  1. You shape the foam not the epoxy

  2. Epoxy resin and poly resin have diferent chemistries. Basically epoxy takes a longer time to cure, requires careful mixing and is more finicky to temperature variations than poly during curing but is non toxic (to varying degrees), cleans up with soap and water, and can be used with a larger variety of laminates (fiberglass cloths). Poly is stinky, toxic to various degrees and requires a nasty solvent to clean up. It is relatively easy to use, cures fast if mixed properly, and is easy to sand.

  3. You can use epoxy resin on any foam core. You can’t use poly on styrofoam unless you seal the blank.

  4. There are too many tricks that you should know. Most of them are in the Archives or Resource Sections. Good luck and happy hunting.

  5. Always baste your laps.