Shaping/Glassing Classes

am looking to find some kind of Shaping/Glassing classes. I have seen books, videos, and websites. I am really looking for a place to learn from someone in a class type setting. It something I am interested in but not sure if I will enjoy. I dont want to go out and buy all the tools and stuff and then not like it. I would rather go through a good class then go from there. Does anyone one know of any in the socal area?

I’m sure I could get a week long class scheduled down here on the gulf coast…it’s in the middle of everyone. I’m a school teacher so I can work some of my connections to get something at one of the local community colleges. Fry Surfboards is one of the largest/well known shops on the Gulf Coast and he could possibly be interested. If we can get enough interested I’m sure I could try and get everything together. I just need a willing class.

Thats a lil far, I was hoping to find something that was a few weekends or something like that. I’m not ready to travel that far. But thats a good idea.



In West Oz we have TAFE Colleges, sort of like community colleges. Classes can be set up to cover just about any subject matter. What we do is set minimum class sizes of around 10 people and tee up a lecturer who is industry based. So if you enquire at your local college, get some interest from others, you might be able to get a class going. Hope this helps.


For a bit more than the cost of a new board ($1500), you can make your own new board in Robert August’s factory. You get to watch a master at work, receive assistance shaping and glassing your own, get your picture and a video taken and even have lunch. They finish it off and ship it to you.

He spells it out on his website…