shaping glue lines

After finish screening, I find that custom colored glue lines (without stringers) tend to stick up which results in a hump after lamination. Feels like a stringer that hasn’t properly been taken down. Is there any tips to take down this narrow line without eroding the foam around it?


Use sharp tools.

Seriously, your little hand plane should always be with a keen edge. The blade will take down the glue/paper and not scar the foam. Then just follow up with some sanding screen and a sponge!

Maybe my mini plane was not sharp enough, as I used it to skin and thin the decks, but I found masking tape both sides of glueups, then shaving it down with sandpaper on a popsicle stick worked great.

Loved colored glueups, especially when they were ordered with blue and red glue colors.

Here’s what I do: use any tool you like (small stringer plane, sanding block…) with one hand and your air gun with the other and blow away any little resin pieces so they won’t leave scars in the foam as you sand/plane along.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I will try to do better in the future.

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