Shaping goggles

I’ve been having irritated eyes lately from not wearing goggles when I shape. I find that the cheap pair that I have doesnt fit well over the respirator. What goggles would u guys recommend so it’ll fit over the mask? Thanks!

VisorGogs. Clark Foam used to sell them, I think somebody's picked up the ball on that since they closed. Maybe FoamEZ or the folks at US Blanks? I know Atlantic Surfoam is selling them out of the old Clark warehouse in Melbourne, FL.


recently i picked up a pair of ‘scott’ googles for snowboarding or motocross with a clear lens.  i got them at tj maxx or marshalls or some such place for $12.  they are very comfortable and fit well over either my respirator or dust mask.


while we’re on the subject, let me tell you guys a story.  last year about this time, i was shaping a board while wearing the safety glasses you get at home depot.  they were ok, but there was a slight gap due to the glasses sitting on top of my dust mask.  i was working on the bottom contour and as soon as i put the planer to the foam some chunks flew up and under the glasses.  i tried to wash the eye out as best as possible and went back to work.  to keep a long story short, over the next few days the eye became irritated and inflamed.  i put off going to the doctor for several reasons (none of them good).  by the time i saw a doctor the the eye was so swollen that the iris became attatched to the lens in front of my eye.  i was 12 hours from going to the hospital for surgery, and after 7 months of doctors visits and steriod treatments i finally got about 90% of my vision back in my eye.  i will always have problems with it and will very likely develop cataracs or glaucoma as i get older.  the moral of the story is this, find effective eye protection and always, always, always wear them no matter how small the job!!!  please learn from my stupidity.



I have a pair of Uvex Stealth goggles.  They have a soft rubber gasket which conforms to the face are very comfortable, and does a good job of sealing out debris.  I forget where I got them but look the up on line.  I think they were about $9.00-$12.00.  I also found a pair of Fastcap goggles for $6.99 at  I haven’t tried them but they have a foam seal and are vented to prevent fogging.  Comfort is the key to wearing any safety protective devices.  Keep looking until you find ones that suit you.  Don’t forget ear protection, something most overlook until its too late.

Hi Surfpac,

We have carried the Uvex Stealth Goggles for quite a while and have only had great feedback on them.  The lens can be replaced if it gets scratched.  Check them out here.

Good luck-


Thanks for all the replies everyone. Quite a story brasco. Thanks for that. Hope ur eyes have recovered. Good advice on snowboarding goggles. I have an old pair laying around I just tried and it worked great. I have bronze lenses though. But at least I won’t go blind!

Brad, I’ve been meaning to pick up a pair of uvex goggles. But every time I go to the store I’m checking out the blanks :slight_smile: