shaping in dangerous to health?

i am shaping in my loft. the dust doesn’t seem to get downstairs. just concerned about how careful i should be with foam?

…As careful as you can be.

…Don’t get it in you bed…it sucks.

…then again if you get it in your bed and it does…never mind.Herb

Should be okay. Just try to contain the dust as best as possible.

You will be fine, your neighbors or family might not like it though once that planer is ripping foam. I shaped and glassed my 1st 4 boards in my NYC apt in a separate room. If your just worried about the foam then I would definatly close all doors, open the window and place a cheap exhaust fan in place and mow away. I covered my furniture with bed sheets to catch extra dust but if you room is empty even better. Don’t forget to wear your respirator and be ready to dust the whole room afterward as a lot of foam will stick to your walls etc. My wife was cool with it until after glassing, some of the dripped resin soaked through the many layers of cardboard placed on the floor and ate into the varnish. It was a great rental but now I’m much closer to the beach and happier for it. A friend of mine glasses on his apt bldgs roof uptown. Do what you gotta do and keep shaping.

Peace from the East

thx for all the replies, i wish i could use an electric planer but i am doing everything with a surform. i figured it would be too noisy and messy doing so otherwise.

sweet now I will pretty much go ahead and finish. just cut the outline and my floor is snow, but who cares its easy to clean. making the masonite templates was much dirtier.

Ive heard some funny stories of where people shaped and glassed. One of my friends used to sand his boards in the emergency exit of a waikiki Apt building in the 80s.

I like posts like this. I’m sure that if you take the percautions that the other guys have suggested you’ll be fine. But I thought I would throw in this little story as a word of encouragement. In the late 60’s,While living in a small beach flat in PB I shaped an early down-railer in my back yard. I cleared out my bedroom, put down something on the floor(I don’t remember what) and proceeded to glass it on two three pound coffee cans. Had to lay down on the floor to see the lap. Funny thing about that board is that it turned out bitchin’. Mcding

Just a thought, but since you are in an apartment in close proximity to other humans you may want to consider their health, too. Shape on!