Shaping in V with the planer???

Wondering how those who are better than me with a planer create a V bottom using only the planer.  Is it done this way or do others block it in the way I do?


Call the V mystro…


Step cuts on the rail, then back and forth motion with the planer.

Literally takes seconds.


…bear in mind that you shape all the board with a planer not with a block…

included channels.

That’s why I ask the question reverb.  Wanting to figure out this technique so I can get there.

Thanks for asking the question Mako, I was wondering about that too.

Barry, Reverb-when you smooth out the steps, are you also going nose-tail or rail-stringer instead?




I have long arms.

Back and forth motion in the tail area.

See the corners in the above pic?

Imagine just knocking down those corners.

Back cuts double the cutting motion.

I tend to cut my Vee, then regular nose to tail.

Longboards with Vee or rolled bottoms, I work from the rail to the stringer.

…yesterday I shaped one with a big V and I tried to take photos but without success due to the lightning, so I did not get what I wanted to show; anyway, I shape those V similar to Barry Snyder wrote. I start with the rail band but please do not confuse as rail-stringer action; is always nose to tail or tail to nose action.

If the V is too big or pronounced I start from the rail side but from Nose to tail opening the planer action from “0” to the desired cut. I do the same passes both sides to the desired amount of V in the rail then start the second pass besides (I can do this second pass each side at a time or in both sides; but I think depends on the experience) Then working to the stringer

This is very important----Type of V marks in my opinion, the angle intended with the planer.----this is very important

-First check your blank and study your dims to check the thickness and rocker there, if you are OK, you can start with the V if not better to do that before; if not all that nice V bottom will be flattened in a minute…

Thanks for the tips guys.