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If you can draw it you can machine it. 

Running a router is the easy part, CAD is much tougher. There is a huge amout of support on YouTube for learning to draw. 



I don’t know much about machines but that one looks frigen rubbish for surfboards!!!  $50k and it can’t even hold a blank? your joking??!!


Hang on I’ll just study Youtube to learn how to draw…what?!



Do some homework before making such a comment!

It's called a Mandrel or fixture. That is what holds the board while machining and doubles for indexing. This machine could be fitted in minutes with a fixture.

Customers with this model, who use it for boards, like the ability to set up multiple boards for continuous machining, more boards per hour. The biggest plus to this router over proprietary board shaping machines is the ability to cut with 5 axis and to be able to machine things other than boards! 

Ya, go on Youtube or Google and type 3D design, CAD, CAM, 5 axis machining or 5 axis costs. Hey, you could learn something. 

**mybe you could use that machine better making base ball bats  plenty of ausies wanting to use one on the current govt

low key custom shapes dont need no stinken machine

** 5 axis 6 axis ten axis blah blah blahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh**




**cheers huie

Base ball bats, I thought you guys down under call em cricket bats?

Low key custom shapes are cool! not many people can still hand shape with a planer, it’s too bad. I’ts a loosing and almost lost art.


Have me Foster’s Mate


**Yeah, great. Just what I want, a two dimensional world… over here in 3D land we deal with compound curves. I’ve seen some approximate renditions of people’s original work. What’s that all about. **

Huie or somebody else tell me, please, how people screw up “mapping or scanning” an original design. I’ve seen some glaring fckups. Clue me in on how come the computer wizard folks can distort a bottom curve, etc. .

Not sure on the question. 

Distort a curve. 1st, what software are you using. I assume the curve you are using is called a DXF, 2d.  Most software, Adobe Illustrator, Corel, Rhino 3D…, can save to a DXF. To ajust the curve put CV’s (controll verties) every 12 inches and bez. curve to move them around. Make another layer over and copy and paste the ajusted curve and delete the middle CV’s. Double check your curve hasn’t moved by overlaying ajusted curve to deleted CV curve. The curve should be clean and ready for cutting.

Scanners or touch probes will give you a point cloud. These points can be traced to a curve in software like Rhino 3D.


Im sure there are plenty out there that would love to learn to shape the correct way, i know, im one of them, and bloody bull headed about it to.

But whats the point when there is a shaping machine on every corner pumping out unwanted surfboards to take floor space in a unwanted surf shop with boards no one wants. They have flooded the market, the price for a shaping machine is so high the only way to make profit is to pump em out boys, have we got any orders, hell no, but lets pump out 50 today and see which suckers want em, oh yeh, glass em light, save money… we gotta pay our bills, someone will buy em, Hey lets put some fancy stickers on em…“.”

I dont believe the shaping machine has done anything for the local surf community, im sure John Gillis never thought it would do this, I know John and he is a great guy.

Yes I may be old fashioned, but some traditions should never be allowed to die, one is hating the manly sea eagles rugby league team unless you come from there, and another is hand shaping within the local community, custom boards from a local shaper, not a machine.

Im sure there is a way to make a living from it, but slowly, ever so slowly I think the machines are killing that. Sad day indeed.

haaaa’’ shit digger dont hold back



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Yer I should learn to keep my mouth shut, it always lands me in trouble, oh well

hey digger you dont need to apologise for being truthfull




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