Shaping rails

Hi all.  I’m using Greenlight Surf Supply’s chart for rail dimensions.  Probably a stupid question, but am I correct in assuming that ‘deck mark 1’ in the header of the chart, is the ‘primary rail band’ in the illustration below the chart?  Deck mark 2 = secondary rail band?  

Then in the chart, for an Egg, there are no dimensions for the tuck, just a couple of stars.  Does this mean that the same dimensions should be used as for the deck, as per 50/50, or something else?


Hello BB-

The notes are explained here, in the middle of their big help center/how-to shaping section:

You might have to create a sign-in for Greenlight to get there.

Ah yeah, the starred items are explained below the chart. Got all wound up in my confusion and missed that :slight_smile:

Also as far as I can tell, the deck mark 1 is for the primary railband, deck mark 2 secondary.  

Nice one J, thankyou :slight_smile:

BB- No problem. Yes, primary is same as #1 and secondary same as #2.

You cannot cut secondary until primary is cut because the lower edge of secondary is in the middle of the already cut primary.

Try it off to the side on a piece of scrap if you can.

Also, for a deep dive, check out the Bill Barnfield thread on rail bands…sometimes the terms used to describe each ‘band’ are different but there are some good pictures and words.


Thanks… had a look and to be honest at my level that’s some serious headf**k stuff!  This is when an in-depth youtube tutorial on railbands would come in really useful.

So with Greenlight’s chart I get the theory behind modern rails, that’s pretty simple.  What I’m totally confused about are the Egg rails further down in the chart. Below the chart, following explanation is provided:

"Egg rails require one bottom rail band. To shape this band, make a rail mark 1/2" up from the bottom corner of the rail, and a bottom mark 7/8” in from the bottom corner of the rail. Connect the two marks to create a single flat plane to become your bottom rail band. Blend this band into the curves of the rail and bottom as you do the other bands."
Here's what I don't get:
  • Egg rails require one bottom rail band - does this mean one continuous rail band, meaning that the whole bottom rail is soft? 
  • Then - make a rail mark... 
    	<li><em>...1/2" up from the bottom corner of the rail...&nbsp;</em>- so this insinuates that a 1/2" rail mark is required measuring from the bottom of the board.&nbsp; But then in the chart there is already a measurement for the rail mark of 1 1/4".&nbsp; So which is it 1/2" rail mark of 1 1/4" rail mark?&nbsp; Or both, so two rail marks in total?&nbsp;</li>
    	<li><em>...and a bottom mark 7/8” in from the bottom corner of the rail"&nbsp;</em>- so this is essentially the tuck, correct?</li>
Ridiculous.  I'm sure this is much more simple and I'm missing something really basic.

BB-This is how I would interpret the Greenlight instructions.

Whether or not it’s a righteous egg rail would be in the eye of the beholder or whoever does the final blends.


Dude, you’re a legend.  Thankyou so much for making the effort! Cheers :slight_smile:

JR, Barry, this is gold.

all the best