Shaping Room and You?

Hey guys was just gave a free 50x40x11 2000sq ft open workshop a huge upgrade from my garage! So now that I have the chance to build a deadicated shaping room I was wondering if you guys had any pictures of your rooms? My current shaping room is 11x20 or less depending on if the wife need the park the car in the middle of it :|… I plan to wall up a 14x11 room and using the rest of the space for my cnc machines/motorcycles .etc…Going to start the remodel and construction by the end of this week. I mostly shape and make kiteboards but going to throw my hand into kite surfboards since I have more room now and well since the wife can’t bitch about the mess! Thanks!

Do a search for “show me your shaping bay.” I believe there are at least two lengthy threads with plenty of pictures.