Shaping Room in Wilmington NC

I am starting my freshman year at uncw next week and I am looking for a place to shape! I won’t be making to many boards because most of my time will be focased on school work but it sucks having to tell customers that i’m not going to be able to make them boards for months at a time. you can check out my website

Thank you!

Alex Velit

AV Surfboards

Just graduated from UNCW this year, congrats on going. Don’t worry you will have plenty of time to shape between class and not surfing during month long flat spells. I would say try Wrightsville Glassing, it is out by the airport. AJW surfboards started there, and I believe SOD is based there. When I was a freshman I got a board from Adam (ajw) and picked it up there, he said you could rent shaping bays. If you make friends living off campus, you can shape in their backyards, garages, etc. That is what I did my senior year and my friends did all four years I knew them.

Thank you, ill check it out! I appreciate it!

Jimmy Keith surf just posted in the marketplace section, he is in the area, he may possibly have a bay to spare.