shaping school

Hi i was wondering why there is no apprentiship for learning how to shape . i meen a real course not just get in through a mate type thing . it seems that every other angle is coverd but shaping has been left out . would this be because there is to many diferent ideas on how to shape (no one shapes the same as the next guy) so we have “to many versions” so to speek . can anyone shed some light on this for me please . dan.

Not exactly an apprenticeship but… and but I think he’s moved to so cal and is working at Waterman’s Guild Andrew 650-759-2304

why school?

well there is no formal type qualification for shapers so why not make it a induistry where young people can learn how to shape so they become educated . sort of like a vocational course . picture this . you own a surf shop . a grommie comes in & says hey have you got anny jobs for me . you say have you got any experience . the reply you get is something like “NUP just want to shape some board’s” the next grommie walks in says the same thing you ask the same thing. he says yeah ive just done a course in basic workshop,resin handeling health n safty how to handel a new board . i would rather employ the one that has done some sort of course so then i no that he has half a brain & a genuine intrest in the craft . thats just my point of view. dan