Shaping stand from jobsite scraps

Whaddya think?

Perhaps a few ridges within the 12 inch depth, to account for different angles when doing rail bands?

I was wishing my racks allowed for many more angles when doing rail bands on my recent stacked rail HWS build.

I was having difficulty separating the wood grain and the lines from the stacking, from the rail bands with side lighting. Kept having to walk away and come back with fresh eyes. Used a lot of wedges to lift one rail, so the shadows revealed what I needed to see.

Took forever…

Worth it though.

I like it Huck. I made mine a little wider than 5 inches for thicker boards and maybe 34 inches to the top. I did both of these mods after the original build and trying them on a few boards. It probably took longer to adjust that what it took to build the first time.

Are you going for wooden bases or leftover drywall taping compound buckets and concrete mix?

Eventually I want to make a set with the 45 degree position.

Had a little time to cut & assemble a few pieces - hopefully adding foam will allow multiple angled positions for working on rails.

very good looking. Well designed. Looks sturdy.

Thnx, I really hope so. After getting a hundred pound blank I have a little more appreciation for how sturdy a shaping stand should be!

The pictures feature my lovely jobsite, where i have been able to work, after hours, on my surfboard projects. Now the city of l.a. has shut my job down by rescinding a zoning change they had approved 7 months (and a lot of wasted money) ago. So I wrapped this up, other projects will have to go on the backburner for awhile.

This one is for a friend and fellow swaylockian - anybody driving from l.a. to san clemente? Pick up could be in hollywood, pacific palisades, or bakersfield.

That is a great balance of both complexity, and simplicity. You’re a design/construction genius, with a dash of artist thrown in.

Thnx Bill! A few finishing touches I hope to get done tomorrow, and it’s ready to ship. I hate for you to make the long drive, perhaps a willing soul is headed your way soon.

…and one for me…

I love that. And glad to know Bill isn’t through shaping.

All the best in the new year to both of you.