shaping stand help

alright guys i’ve looked through a bunch of threads looking for a basic design for a shaping stand but i cant seem to find one that suit what i need. i want one that is very stable, but at the same time isn’t going to take up a lot of space and be heavy. i thought maybe something collapsible but couldnt find anything along those lines… i’m in hs and am living at home so i cant take up the whole garage… a little help please?

Check out the surferSteve site. He’s got a method to make shaping stands using just 5 gallon buckets. When you’re done, you empty the 5 gallon buckets, and since they nest, they take up very little space. Inexpensive, too.

Do a search for “show me your shaping bay…”…t_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

This one was made for glassing epoxy. Heater fits under rack…

I alway crack up when I see these.

I am sure they will work though.

Here’s mine. They’re adjustable and knock down with four wingnuts but I wouldn’t really call them “very stable”. They do wiggle a little because of the way the holders slide up and down on the bases.