Shaping Stand Season is Here

The day after Christmas Home Depot and Lowes among others will have their left over tree stands on sale. I got these $30 stands for $4 Dec 26. Love them.

Built in a little tray for tools.

I’m due for a new shaping stand.

light weight?fill with water? or bolt down…?

The pic looks like they are filled with concrete…

Yes, filled with concrete and some brick pieces you can use sand and cap it with concrete. They are heavy enough to be stable but you can roll them around easy. I borrowed the 2X4 design from Master Carpenter Huck. Assembled with those deck screws that come in a box and a cordless driver. Used a piece of 1/4 ply for the shelves. One piece for each stand just screwed onto the bottom of one of the verticals.

I’ll post more pics if needed.

My head hurts from looking sideways. But I think I like the looks of those, seems solid.

weird, i don’t think they were sideways yesterday? I want my money back.

all the best

They’re sideways? I thought they were mounted on the wall! :smiley:

anyone else see a big middle finger? haha

those are awesome! $4 / tree stand is hard to beat!

Ok let’s try this, KB not MB