Shaping survey for business study

I’m on a B-school team that is proposing to convert a regular surf shop into a shaping shop where people can learn to shape a clark blank without buying all of the tools (in fact the shop would strive to have the best tools and tooling possible) and have the guidance of an experienced shaper. I have yet to shape my own board, but I really want to, but I don’t exactly have a place to do it since I rent. I figured if a shop offered this service, I might do it, hence the idea and the survey. If you already have your own tools or already shape your own boards, this survey isn’t really aimed at you, but feel free to answer and help me out. I’ll be happy to post the results to the forum if anyone cares. If you know surfers who don’t shape please forward it on, I could use as much feedback as possible in the next 4 days. Please reply to: 1) Male / Female (M/F) : 2) Age: 3) Years Surfing: 4) Longboard / Shortboard / Both (LB/SB/B): 5) # of boards owned: 6) Ever bought a custom board (Y/N): 7) Ever considered shaping your own board (Y/N): 7b) # of boards you have shaped: 8) If a shop provided the tools and guidance, would you make your own surfboard (Y/N): 9) Would you pay as much for this self-made, custom board as an off the shelf retail board (Y/N): Much gratitude for your time from: Chris Speights Shirley Wiliani Yen Tung Jonathan Lee

A. The problem I ALWAYS had when I let a FRIEND use my tools was, they cut the cord on my planer, dropped it, tore my best piece of worn sand paper and ghenerally made a mess that took me days to recover from. B. There is the liability insurance problem of letting an unexperienced person use dangerous power tools. C. You wind up having to do all the work for them and it takes about 10 times longer for them to do a completely 1/16th assed job D. I’ll let you know how much I’m in for with the shaping lessons tomorrow morning!

Several glassshops have full service rooms for rent. Our does all tools and stuff you just have to buy/bring the sandpaper and screens

Hey Jim you cut my planer cord at the Seasons Factory Circa 1969,we also discovered that lighting acetone contaminated with resin to a jelly state was akin to Napalm.Lets not forget chiseling resin off the floor at the Hickam Hobby Shop in Hawaii.We got tossed out till your old man intervened.Old memories.Mkes me laugh. R Brucker

Well at least you guys didn’t hot wire clark foam, you might not be here if you did that!!

Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking the in house foreman / shaper would preshape the blanks with a planar and then the customers would be relegated to manual tools for finishing the deck and bottom and rails (using formed rail sanding tools to ensure a consistent rail). It would not be aimed towards someone who wants to shape multiple boards because those people would/should get their own tools for economy. And the glassing would be outsourced for a cleaner operation. I figure that most people will be satisfied enough with picking out the basic blank shape from clark, a few hours of manual sanding, and painting the board if they want (or at least choosing the scheme). Overall I’m thinking of trying to reach surfers who would have never considered shaping a board and providing a gateway to a deeper surfing experience. I haven’t done it yet, but catching that first wave on your own board must be quite a rush. Chris

Hey Chris l have all the goods that you need to do what you are talking about, you can profile them up and they just turn the rails (just like the ghost shapers of today) no machine tools needed, just blocks and gause. l thought of doing the same thing here in oz but the insurance would have outweighed the profits. maybe try to approch schools to offer a course on shaping they do it here. drop me a line if to know more KR