Shaping Tools

Hey all, SR here looking for some equipment lists and tips.


I will be setting up a shape shack and am looking for a complete list of tools and equipment for shaping.

i have a good sized space with room for a rack, lighting, tools, and blanks.


Also. money is not really that much of an issue, so suggestions on planers, sanders, and rocker/conacave templates are welcomed.


thank you.

24 inch steel ruler
Stringer plane
Hard Pad: Velcro Backings  
Medium Pad: " "
Soft Pad: " "
sandpaper for pads
Shapers square
Flexy Handsaw
small saw for wings
Makita Planer 
Carpenters Pencil 
Shapers Weight 
Good quality respirator 

For templates go with 1/4" masonite.  Not the cheapest or easiest option but it will last and not cup/warp.

For planers go with the Accurate Planers.  Get both the long and short base version.  

Large flat-screen TV and a beer fridge and some sandpaper and masking tape…and a good electric power plane.

You forgot to add, “…when I get back from my Indo honeymoon with Kate Upton”

This should give you an idea…

A lot of the basics are included in the “kits.”

Take that list and run with it sinisterreaction. We have all of that and then some.

just get lots of tools and boxes

so you can rummage around

in the boxes for hours

where you put stuff.

everything else you can make

with foam and balsa scraps

with a saw a block plane

and sandpaper.

oh and a lamp.

no chairs allowed.

oh and a long stick

to mark out feet

and inches .

Pictures of waves

are to be considered

measuring tools too.

as far as money is concerned

yes send money to where it is

a concern until it is no longer

a concern just to level things

out a little.

Had enough for icecream tonite


don’t forget a camera mount

for the end of the room

for live broadcasts and 

shaping performance videos.

maybe a couple mounts

for difrent p.o.v. angles

if you plan to edit in

facial expressions

and cutting closeups.

Check out our E-Z Shaping Tool Kits they will give you a great idea of the tools needed.  Some you might already have and some you can add to your collection.  Our kits go from the most rudimentary tools to including all the bitchen high end tools. 

Good luck in your search.


Thank you for the list. I am currently shopping for supplies and it seems like there are more tools required for making a board such as tape, fiberglass, glassing materials, fin placement templates etc. please let me know if you have any of this ininformations





If you are in The North Carolina area someone is selling their comlete shop Blanks and all. 

Can you supply a phone number for this person?

have you ever built a board Mr.Sinister?

Check Craigslist for the Outer Banks and also Myrtle Beach Craigslist. 

this one?

This should start you off on the right foot:





Chrisp Thats The one.  Right now I am unable cut and paste, post photo or … I need a new computer .

 Wiilmington is a nice little town. If I were to stay on the east coast It would be high on my list of places to live.  However I feel that warmer waters are calling.