shaping under another label

A few friends and I have decided to launch our own surf brand/co…whatever. Mainly clothing BUT I’ve been milling over the idea of approaching a local shaper about shaping under my label. My question to everyone: Is shaping under two labels accepted practice? Possibly to much work? Any input would be helpful.

some guys do it all the time. = extra income to some. just ask the worst he can say is no and maybe tell you who will help you out. good luck welcome to the shark tank

In this day and age, there are so few really large companies that can keep full time shapers working 40 hrs per week. The solution, work for as many other clients that can peacefully co-exist with your main label.

I know of one mfg. that treatens his employees with dismissal if they work at other factories or toss out the mfgs. that rent spaces from him and try to use HIS guys during slack times.

I have found a stable of clients that can co-exist with me shaping for all them and still be grateful that they get a good product in a timely manner.

Put ego aside and find shapers who can and are willing to do the same for you

Thats pretty much what I figured but wanted to make sure this wasn’t some big NO NO in the industry.

historicly labels,including the named mfger,have a stable of rotating shapers

doin the woik of shaping and interpreting the templates…

and the riders with a clue specify the shaper for their order


I usta buy boards from a shop… and thought I knew stuff

Some of the egos I’ve worked with had confidence problems with me ‘sharing’ my work around. Small minds with control attitudes.

Find the right people and you won’t have a problem. And strangely enough everyone benefits.

I shape for a glassing company that shapes boards for surfshops that have there own labels most of my work comes from shaping for other labels so its pretty much the standard now just call a glassing factory near you they should be able to hook you up.