Shaping XPS: How do you do It?

Thanks to all for the advice in regards to XPS vs EPS and epoxy.After the lengthy discussions below I am getting the urge to shape my own XPS board. I understand the basics of Hot wire cutting but am unsure how exactly to cut a blank for a longbard (9’6") I have seen blue Dow Styrofoam in Home Depot and stores of the like but don’t think I have seen it in thicknesses greater than 2.5 inches. I am guessing one needs a single slab of foam thick enough and long enough to accomodate the rocker, thickness and length of the rough shape. Is this size readily availabe for such a project or does this need to be specially ordered?

P.S. I have heard of model airplane builders gluing foam together with 3M 77 spray adhesive before hot wire cutting. Would it be advisable to glue two 2.5inch thick slabs together before cutting?

We have XTR blanks up to 10’2" and 3 1/4" thick, if you need we will send you a catalog, and shapping technicks info. or you can fax your special request at 760 433 5816