This is my first attempt at building a board. My question is this. I bought a 10’ 5" S clark foam blank and I am trying to make a summertime east coast board/ noserider. The blank is already about the shape I want. Do you HAVE to cut ( w/ saw ) the edges or can you just sand down the rails to break thru the hard skin. I realize the deck and botttom must be planed and sanded. I am trying to end up w/ a width of about 24.5". Thanks in advance for any advice. Damon

i would make up a template for that big of a bank. you can cut out the outline with a handsaw. i use a jigsaw because it’s faster. you just need to keep the blade straight. Jim Phillips used a circular saw in his video. whatever you are comfortable with. good luck for a monster of a first board.

you can use a surform or a sanding block with some serious grit on it. your arm is gonna be tired and sore for the next 5 days though…good luck