Share your current quad placement process

So, we’re over a decade into the resurgence of the quad and it seems solidly entrenched in current board design.  Now that many here have had time to experiment with different approaches to laying out a quad setup, I wonder if you’d be interested in sharing what is currently working for you.  If you want to share what approaches you’ve used in the past or how you arrived at your current method, feel free. It often adds useful context.

I know it may seem a bit redundant, as there are already discussions on quad longboards and quad guns, and there are numerous queries asking for opinions on how to fin an individual odd-ball shape.  My interest pertains more to the logic you have developed in deciding 1) where you set the rear fins and 2) how you determine the tow-in for the rears.

I wonder if there isn’t perhaps a grand unified theory of fin placement waiting to be defined. I suspect that if one collected sufficient data from enough experienced board builders, you would find that well-performing boards’ fins follow a pattern, even though their individual placements vary. 

Take as an example the following scenario: you’re finning a generic 6’0", say 18.5" wide with a 14" squash tail destined for a rack in a retail shop.  As cookie-cutter a board as I can think of.   Where do you place your fins?  Do you follow any kind of mathematical relationship between fronts and rears?  Do you use any convergence points in setting tow-in?  If you’re just gonna say “go with whatever looks good”, this may not be the discussion for you.

If this subject is just too tired, fine.  Let it die.  My feelings won’t be hurt.  I just can’t promise that I won’t bring it up again later.


if its a shop board it will likely be based on Mackee, google mackee quad

if you are open to different things try robin mair’s on the gearbox surf website, and look up resources and quad placement.


I assume most people will know this. But maybe this helps you out… i have been using a version of the gearbox thruster cross quad so i get a 5 fin set up…


Thanks for bringing that up, and I hope there will be resonance… sadly i have nothing to contribute, because i really dont know anything about any finlogic except the threads i read here on swaylocks. I have to admit that lecture gave me some vocabular but left me without grammar… best wishes